b. 1970, Rutherford, New Jersey, US
d. 1953, Addison, Maine, US

"But then I don’t like tame places…. A little bird and its plumage gives the heart a warmy, warmy feeling. Huge waves sounding on a rock-ribbed shore makes the heart, liver, lungs, everything, the whole human critter expand ‘nigh to bustin point.’ Then you live, live, live, and you ‘got to do something. "
John Marin


The American painter and printmaker John Marin (*1870 Rutherford US | † 1953 Addison US) is known for his expressionistic watercolor seascapes of Maine and his views of Manhattan. Traditionally characterized for its delicacy, Marin pushed the medium of watercolor to its limits: instead of blending the colors with gentle strokes, he slashed and scraped the paint in and onto white sheets of Whitman paper.

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