Art for Life’s Sake

24 April 2021-12 June 2021

We proudly present our inaugural exhibition with a group of artists, modern and contemporary, who embody the spirit of our enterprise.



With ‘Art for Life’s Sake’, April in Paris will demonstrate its vision of presenting historical and contemporary art together, providing the opportunity to explore undiscovered links and unexpected details. Thus, the exhibition builds a bridge between familiar appearances and new experiences.  As described by Hartmut Rosa in Resonanz: Eine Soziologie der Weltbeziehung (2019), allowing yourself to be open to art creates the opportunity for a deeply poignant encounter that results in a changed perception on life, something he calls ‘resonance’. In the light and comfortable space of the gallery, one can pause and open up to the sublime. Often poetic, intelligent, and beautiful, the works in the exhibition ‘Art for Life’s Sake’ linger between romantic gazes, expressive three-dimensional manifestations and colorful surrealistic atmospheres.

The internationally renowned artists featured in the exhibition span generations and places, and whose juxtaposition reveals thought-provoking parallels. One example is a magical landscape painting of a small house silhouetted by twilight by Arthur Wesley Dow, who is attributed with starting the modernist movement in America. His method, founded on eastern philosophy and intuition, is juxtaposed with a photograph of the north pole’s midnight horizon by JCJ Vanderheyden, whose work focuses on the infinite nature of the universe. From Salvo’s gem colored formal landscape compositions and Dottori’s Futurist Areopicturas, abstracted paintings based on an aerial view of his native Umbria, to the hyper-saturated photographs of relics by Frick & Bell, a Canadian Artist duo living in Berlin.  The layered pieces of antique cloth and feathers of Clémence de la Tour du Pin’s shadow box evoke the same ethereal quality as the oil paintings on mahogany furniture panel pieces by Adolphe Monticelli, a ground breaking late 19th century painter from Marseille.

‘Art for Life’s Sake’ also features further artworks by Karel Appel, Jean Brusselmans, Corneille, Michael Dean, Anders Dickson, Afra Eisma, Jean Fautrier, Adolph Gottlieb, George Grosz, William Leavitt, Mario Mafai, Aristide Maillol, Sophy Naess, Katja Mater, Pieter Laurens Mol, Ardengo Soffici, JCJ Vanderheyden, and Édouard Vuillard.