Introducing Sophy Naess

Sophy Naess(*1982) trained as an oil painter and maintains an active multidisciplinary practice that includes weaving, writing, and various print based projects. Observational painting is a constant in her work, and in recent years, she has produced wall sized tapestries at the same time as creating albums of small format paintings on canvas. She currently works between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut where she is a critic in Painting and Printmaking at Yale University.

Sophy Naess | Sketch for Instabile #8 after Kees van Dongen 2019 | Colored pencil on collograph on rice paper | 35 x 28 cm

Over the last decade, Naess has explored the social contingencies of painted backdrops and murals; the temporality of book and album formats; costume design, multiples, and most recently, weaving and textile based installation.
Her weavings have become increasingly interested in the affective qualities of the structure itself. Figure / ground relationships are ever important, but the vocabulary has moved away from the representation of bodies and towards a deeper engagement with the expressive capabilities of the fibers themselves and the tensions they are subjected to.

Left to right:

Sophy Naess | Sketch for Unstable | 2019 | Watercolor on collograph on rice paper | 28 x 20 cm
Sophy Naess | Untitled (Sketch for a beaded curtain II) | 2019 | gouache on brown paper | 22.86 x 30.48 cm
Sophy Naess | Self Portrait with Fruit | 2015 | Hand painted and hand woven cotton and wool fibers | 127 x 45 cm
Sophy Naess | 1862 Cornelia Street | 2020 | oil on canvas | 35 x 27 cm