New Acquisition: Larry Rivers, Woman, 1951.

Larry Rivers | Woman | 1951 | oil on panel | 103 x 68.3

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of ‘Woman’ (1951) by the American artist Larry Rivers.

Larry Rivers (*1923 New York City USA | †2002 New York City USA) was an American artist, filmmaker, musician and occasional actor and is considered the precursor of pop art. He was the first to merge non-objective, non-narrative art with narrative and objective abstraction.

He is most strongly associated with the New York School, a radical post-war art movement of 1950s and 1960s America also known as Abstract Expressionism.

Discover more about Larry Rivers on our artists page.

On the top right corner we see an often-missed feature of this work, a second figure sketched out carved directly into the wet paint of the background.