Now Available: René Daniëls, Heimwee (Nostalgia) | c 1980

René Daniëls | Heimwee (Nostalgia) | c 1980 | pencil and watercolor on paper | 31 x 23.3 cm

We are excited to draw your attention to one of our new available works.

René Daniëls (*1950, Eindhoven, NL) described his working process as a form of “automation”, with the same shapes reappearing in a whole series of paintings – something beyond his control, and happened naturally. Daniëls was more concerned with the composite whole rather than any single element.

In the early 1980s, Daniëls participated in exhibitions including Westkunst (1981, Cologne), Zeitgeist (1982, Berlin) and Documenta 7 (1982, Kassel).

For René Daniëls, word fragments are indispensable elements for his art;  he has continuously processed or added them in his visual art.